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Sound Design

With over 10 years in the production industry, I have the knowledge and tech to make your projects sound top noch, complete with a massive selections of plugins and top tools to help bring out a better mix.

Picture Editing

Commercials and music videos are my specialty. I've also worked on commercials and content for web using Premiere Pro and FCP X.


Web content is a booming business! I've worked on several documentaries, live action films and shorts, music videos and content for both broadcast, online and theatrical release.

Voice Over Recoding

You can't sell your product on mute! We offer in-house voice over for your commercial needs!


I've recorded and mixed everything from Folk to Trap. I can capture the sound you want to create with a great selection of microphones and DAW plugins. Can even turn $h*t into gold!


Maybe you just need someone to give you feedback on you mix or you want someone to take a peek at your last edit on your commercial. Well lucky for you, I'm all ears....err...and eyes!

Contact Info

Robert Coxford
Toronto, ON
1 (905) 466-1249
rob [at]